Beyond industrial
electronic-mechanical solutions

We are a travelling companion for our customers. Specialists in complex industrial electronic-mechanical solutions. But our main speciality is to provide solutions adapted to customer specifications. Because whoever chooses us gives us meaning and challenges us to become better.

Comprehensive partner
for electronic-mechanical solutions

Our 35 years of experience has made us a partner in the integral management of processes in the manufacture of electronic-mechanical solutions.  With knowledge, experience and capacity to offer a service that covers the entire value chain: from design and concurrent engineering with the client, validation of prototypes, to assembly and serial manufacturing and distribution anywhere in the world.

Specialists in complex technological developments

We are specialists in complex technological developments, with the capacity to go as far as each project requires. Where others see an obstacle, TER sees a challenge and an opportunity. We tackle special and technically demanding projects, because we are an organisation of experts, with experience and advanced technological knowledge.

Flexible manufacturing

We work from the concept of flexible manufacturing. This means that we adapt our methods and processes with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Focusing our efforts on meeting the needs of each customer. Mainly for small and medium series, but with a guaranteed capacity to undertake large production volumes.


Our business model is based on HMLV and our production model on QRM, which allows us to provide agile and quick responses. We also have the capacity to make prototypes and pre-series to ensure that both the manufacturing process and the final product live up to customer expectations.

Technological adaptability

Since our beginnings, we have been pioneers in our commitment to constant research and innovation as a way of advancing and adapting. This commitment has allowed us to dispose of in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly, traceability, inspection and testing technologies.

We understand technology as something more than just technical: as a combined process of thought and action with the aim of creating useful and valuable solutions for our customers and for society as a whole.

We move at the changing pace of technology because at TER we are driven by always providing value-added solutions in every project we undertake.